Mission Statement

The United Skim Tour exists for the benefit of professional skimboarding, and the sport of skimboarding in general.

At present the United Skim Tour’s role is to provide a solid foundation for future growth.  By banding together primarily long running events and their organizers, the UST has provided a way for professional skimboarders to rank themselves over the course of an entire season.

The long term goals of the organization are however a little more grandiose.  Professional skimboarding could be better in so many ways, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin.

  • Implementation of standardized contest procedures
  • Professional quality judging
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Promotion of international events and events that will showcase skimboarding to the world in the best possible light (good wave quality)
  • Mass media exposure
  • Waiting periods

These are just some of the things that competitive professional skimboarding needs.  And while the first steps of the UST will not address many of these issues, it is our goal to incrementally introduce new and positive changes into competitive skimboarding each and every year.  Change may not come rapidly, but at least things are rolling in the right direction.

By adhering to these principles the UST help promote not only professional skimboarding, but the sport of skimboarding in general.