How do I become part of the tour?

Anyone who enters a UST sanctioned event in the professional division is automatically made part of the tour.  Granted, if you only compete in one event you are not likely to do very well in the tour.  We encourage professional riders to attend as many UST events as possible.

I want to get my kids started competing.  How do I begin?

Right now the primary focus of the UST is to develop and refine an international professional skimboard tour.  We are not involved in amateur skimboarding at this time.  SkimUSA runs an East Coast skimboarding tour for amateurs and professionals.  Almost all  events on the United Skim Tour (and many that are not on The Tour) have amateur divisions.  To enter these events please contact the event coordinator.

Where can I get more information about a contest?

Almost every contest is run by a different contest director.  To find out specifics about any one event it is best if you contact the contest director directly.  A comprehensive list of UST and non-UST events can be found on SkimOnline.com.

How do I go about entering one of the events?

Most of the time an entry form can be downloaded off the internet.  If you cant find an entry form you should contact the contest director. Please visit SkimOnline’s Contest Schedule for specific information including contacts and entry forms.

Do I need tickets to attend one of the events?

No tickets are necessary to attend the events as a spectator.  However, you may want to get there early as good spectating spots tend to go quickly, especially at the more heavily attended events.

How do I get my event added to the tour?

The focus of the UST is to create an eight event pro tour of the highest quality possible.  As there are currently eight events, new events will likely only be possible as a replacement for existing events.  When considering an event as a replacement there will be a few primary factors which will be evaluated.

  1. Location:  The tour is currently heavily weighted in the US, with some regard for geographical distribution.  The long term goal of the UST is to make the tour more international.  Hence events outside the US will be more likely to replace a US event.
  2. Conditions:  The UST strives to become a tour full of events in AAA conditions.  Wave quality and contestable conditions are of critical importance when analyzing a prospective event.
  3. Contest Management:  Professional, consistent and proven organization at the event are a must.  This will generally mean a multi-year track record of the contest being run at the highest standards in skimboarding.