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Santa Cruz TAC Skimblast 2015

About 3 days before the TAC Skimblast, a big south swell rolled through Santa Cruz ripping out a huge swath of sand at the contest site. By Saturday morning the slope had recovered, and the missing sand had exposed even more of the sider rock at 26th avenue beach. After waiting for the tide to come up, the pros took the the water early Saturday morning with clean 1-3 foot conditions with inconsistent siders. The very first pro heat of the day saw some of the best siders all weekend with Max Bourne catching the lion’s share of siders throughout his heat. Other standouts in round one included Tim Fulton and Lucas Fink who both adapted to the shifty siders quickly. By round two on Saturday the conditions had become pretty blown out, but the rising tide and closer waves meant riders like Sam Stinnett and Austin Keen were throwing huge frontside and backside airs off the 2 ft ramps. Continue Reading →

OBX Skim Jam 2015

Saturday morning of the 2015 Outer Banks Skim Jam greeted competitors from both U.S. coastlines, Mexico and Brazil with light onshore winds and crystal clear water. With a sunny forecast and high tide around 10 a.m., the men’s pros were set to hit the water first. A farewell speech was made by Skim City Greg following the riders’ meeting and then heats were underway. Due to the sandbar at 5th Street, most waves were slightly out of reach, but pros such as Jackson Tenney, Juan Carlos Nazario Enciso (Bullo), and Morgan Just managed to sneak a few fun liners off the north corner of the competition area. Shortly after the first round was completed, winds picked up out of the southeast and the tide began to drop, forcing the following divisions to battle it out in less than perfect conditions. With the thought of better conditions in the morning, everyone was hungry to make it to day two, which made for a great afternoon of competition. Continue Reading →

Sununga World Cup: Recap and photos

The 2015 Sununga Skim Festival brought competitive skimboarding to a whole new level. For years skimboarders have wanted to run a contest in conditions that push the limits of our sport and the beach of Sununga provides waves that allow us to accomplish exactly that. Sununga is located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the city of Ubatuba. Unlike many of the contests on the tour, this event has a 7-day waiting period that allow athletes and contest organizers to decide when to run heats in the best of conditions. This year’s waiting period began with a stormy day with high winds and rain, which was followed by three days of siders that carried competitors across the entire beach. As much as tricks were emphasized and pulled aplenty, Sununga is an in-n-out barrel magnet. Similar to surfing at Pipeline, barrel riding seemed to bring the highest scores in this contest. Ideal conditions from Tuesday through Thursday allowed the contest to be finished within the first four days of the waiting period. The photos speak for themselves.

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