The United Skim Tour is the worlds only international professional skimboard tour.  It exists as a sanctioning body for skimboarding events on both coasts of the United States and abroad.  The UST Board of Directors determines which events will count, how they will count and what to do if something goes wrong.  They do this with the goal of promoting the growth and legitimacy of professional skimboarding, and the sport itself.

The UST concept was first developed in 2000 as a way to unify existing events into a cohesive tour.  At that time, meetings between industry figureheads and professional riders took place on both the East and the West coast, and a general framework for the tour was decided upon.

However, a governing body was never put in place to make critical decisions as issues arose, and by the end of the 2005 season it was clear that something needed to be done.

In January 2006 the owners and operators of three major skimboard companies (Zap, Victoria & Exile) began working together on a way to re-tool the UST and help it reach its full potential.

Basic rules for the competitive season were decided upon, such as which contests count, how they count, and what to do in several “what if” scenarios.  This basic framework can be found in the UST Rulebook on the website.

At the same time a separate organizational rulebook was developed that will allow the UST Directors to vote on critical decisions and deal with future challenges.

In 2012 corporate co-founders Zap and Victoria took a step back from the UST resigning their Director and Officer positions.  In their absence, professional skimboarders Matthieu Thibaud, Jason Wilson and Paulo Prietto were appointed to join Aaron Peluso as the four seat UST Board of Directors.

The UST continues to promote the growth and legitimacy of professional skimboarding, and the sport of skimboarding in general.  The United Skim Tour is the vehicle that can take skimboarding to the next level.