2016 Pre-Santa Cruz Update

Leading into Santa Cruz the race is as tight as it has ever been with all of the top five competitors well within striking distance of the 2016 title.

Blair Conklin holds onto his lead after skipping Vilano but only in tabulated points after two events are dropped.  Multiple riders top him in overall points but the quality of the record will be what counts in the end, not the quantity.

Sam Stinnett moved attained a much needed win in Vilano landing him in second place on the tour followed closely by John Akerman landing in third place on the tour after a second place showing at the event.

Austin Keen and Perry Pruitt are in 4th and 5th place in tour points but the total spread between 1st and 5th is only 200 points, so anything can happen at the last two events of the year.  Good luck to all the competitors at Santa Cruz this weekend!