2016 Half Time Update

With three events down and three to go, the 2016 UST pack leaders are emerging.

Blair Conklin and Perry Pruitt sitting pretty comfortable in the top two spots after solid finals appearances at all three events.

Four time UST champ Sam Stinnett is off to a relatively rocky start landing in the finals of only one event so far, yet still finds himself 3rd in the total points tally.  That third place is a bit of a mirage however as Austin Keen is right on his tail and after the drop is calculated once more scores are in, he is going to be at an advantage dropping a zero in Sununga.

The rest of the top 10 is in flux with a wide range of competitors posting top scores.  John Akerman and Kyle Calandra are holding 5th and 6th but will need to continue to perform at those levels to hold on to those spots or hopefully climb the ranks.

The drop will play huge into the final standings but with three events left a win by either of the top 2 competitors will make them tough to beat.  But with guys like Sam Stinnett and Austin Keen waiting in the wings, nothing is over until its over.

Check out the full standings.