Sununga World Cup: Recap and photos

The 2015 Sununga Skim Festival brought competitive skimboarding to a whole new level. For years skimboarders have wanted to run a contest in conditions that push the limits of our sport and the beach of Sununga provides waves that allow us to accomplish exactly that. Sununga is located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the city of Ubatuba. Unlike many of the contests on the tour, this event has a 7-day waiting period that allow athletes and contest organizers to decide when to run heats in the best of conditions. This year’s waiting period began with a stormy day with high winds and rain, which was followed by three days of siders that carried competitors across the entire beach. As much as tricks were emphasized and pulled aplenty, Sununga is an in-n-out barrel magnet. Similar to surfing at Pipeline, barrel riding seemed to bring the highest scores in this contest. Ideal conditions from Tuesday through Thursday allowed the contest to be finished within the first four days of the waiting period. The photos speak for themselves.

This event has been a part of the UST for three consecutive years, with each year upping the ante of the previous. This year, complete with live webcast and a new system of scoring whereby the scores for each wave were announced shortly after ridden, the competitors in a heat, along with spectators on the beach and viewers from around the world, knew exactly where they stood during a heat. This also allowed riders to take a more strategic approach towards winning each heat. With a panel of five judges, scores for each ride were averaged and posted momentarily after the competitor finished each ride. This added a new element of excitement to competitive skimboarding that kept both viewers and competitors on their toes.

Big ups to Marcos Casteluber for all of his hard work and dedication for bringing all of the pieces together to create one of the best contests yet. Also, thanks to all of the sponsors of the Sununga Skim Festival: UOT, Red Bull, Exile Skimboards, Du Preto Skimboards, Zap Skimboards, AlleyOop, Filibuster, Acai Fruta Brasileira, and Hotel Solar das Aguas Cantantes,   Thank you to the talented Be Ignacio for performing “Sununga” for our crowd.  A huge thank you to the City of Ubatuba and Mayor Maurício Moromizato for their support.

1st: Blair Conklin

2nd: Leandro Azvedo

3rd: Sam Stinnett

4th: Pablo Marreco


Blair Tube 1919 Leandro 2265 Brad Domke 3724 Bullo Pablo 3591 Jacks R 3414 Fink Heat 1312 Bullo Running 2961 Guys on Beach 1500 Boards Stacked 1507Jacks? 2021 Mario Gomez 1451 Mega 2569Beach Heat 1291Gustavo  2856Renato 2483Mario Gomez 1451Beach 9629Victor 1399Renato 3057Lucas Fink Heat 1299Lucas Fink 2374Sam Renato 3319Sam Stinnett 2756Mega Microphone 0662Bullo 2949Leandro Air 3083Red Bull 1359Mega and Judges 9770Pablo Thurs 3581Stinnett Tube 1845Unknown 2742Beach Scene Sunset 9642Final Crowd 4546Blair Barrell 2 4419Leandro Air 4440Rick Brad Blair 4661Blair Brad Beach 4664Awards 9808

Be 9715Red Bull Car 3153


Photos: Corinne Conklin