2013 Sununga World Cup, Brazil

The Sununga World Cup started the 2013 UST season off with a bang in some of the best contest conditions of all time.  An epic semi-final showdown between 1st and 2nd ranked Sam Stinnett and Blair Conklin with unranked Brazilian phenoms Renato Lima and Leandro Azevedo was the highlight of the event.  The level of competition was insanely high but in the end Sam and Blair were able to squeak by in epic right hand sidewash conditions.  The top eight were as follows:

  1. Sam Stinnett
  2. Blair Conklin
  3. Renato Lima
  4. Leandro Azevedo
  5. Austin Keen
  6. Morgan Just
  7. Pablo Marreco
  8. Tim Fulton

Detailed event coverage can be found on SkimOnline.com.