Sam Stinnett Crowned 2012 World Champion early

After winning his fourth contest of the year in Vilano Florida last weekend, Sam Stinnett has secured his title as 2012 UST World Champion.  Sam has had a stellar season so far and has been able to lock down the title with a full two events remaining.  To put that in perspective, even if he doesn’t attend the last two events of the season, and logs zeros for those events, there is still no one who can catch him.  This is due to the aforementioned four wins so far this season but also due to the fact that when he wasn’t winning he was still racking up a second or third place.  To give an idea of how good he has done, if he somehow wins the next two events, it would be a perfect season, with six events counting and six wins… and he would be dropping a 2nd and 3rd place finish.  Quite amazing to think about…

So congrats to Sam Stinnett2012 UST World Champion.

Blair Conklin has given Sam the most competition so far this season and even after a ‘disappointing’ semi-final finish in Vilano, holds onto his 2nd place tour ranking.

Morgan Just however moved in closer to Blair after picking up a 3rd place finish in Vilano and could take the spot if he beats Blair by enough in the coming events..

Tim Fulton scored big in Vilano with a second place finish and jumped all the way up to fourth place on the tour as a result.  Teddy Vlasis and Perry Pruitt are not far behind however and competition will be fierce amongst that group.  The entire group will need to also keep an eye on Brad Domke, Brandon Sears, Jason Wilson and Dave Scott who are all well within range of grabbing a top 6 spot.  The next event begins 9/15 in Santa Cruz, CA.