2012 Outer Banks, NC

After a rookie season win in Outer Banks, young shredder Perry Pruitt not only jumped into the top ten, he jumped all the way into the top five in the after drop point standings.  Sam Stinnett snagged second place in the event solidifying his lead in the tour standings.  Dave Scott made his first final of the year and is now flirting with the top ten in the UST Tour.  He will have a home court advantage in the next event and the pressure will be on to make something happen!.  Jason Wilson landed in fourth place at OBX picking up some more points in the tour and proving he is one of the most consitent skimboarders in the world…  The race is tightening up and the 2 contest drop is beginning to come into play.  Teddy Vlasis is fourth in overall points but is a victim of his own consistency when it comes to the dropped events as he currently drops a high score which would land him in sixth.  On the other hand there are worse problems to have, and continued high scores can’t hurt!  Blair Conklin appears to be the only person who can catch Sam Stinnett at this point but he will have to perform well beating Sam by significant margins in the coming three events in order to capitalize. The window of opportunity is narrow.  If Sam is allowed to win another event he will be the 2012 UST World Champion.