Congratulations to Sammy Stinnet! 2011 UST Champion!

Sam Stinnett walked away with 1st place at the final event of the year and in the process clinched his first World Title as 2011 UST Champion.  Congratulations to Sam after a nearly perfect season with counting scores of three 1st place finishes and three 2nd place finishes.  That will be a tough record to beat in future years, just as it was this year!

Brad Domke finished in 8th place at Balboa and held onto his second place spot on the tour.  Brad gave Sam a run for his money with two wins this year but couldn’t come up with the final win he needed to win his first title.

Blair Conklin wound up in third place on the tour his rookie season.  In fact, his 2nd place finish at Oktoberfest nearly had him jump up to the number two spot… but it was not to be.  Maybe next year.

14 time World Champion Bill Bryan held onto his 4th place spot on the 2011 UST tour.  Bill placed consistently all year long but never won a contest which would have given him the point boost he needed to move higher in the standings.  He was inches away in each event this year and we look forward to seeing him teach some kids some lessons again next year.

After two wins this year Morgan Just clinched the 5th place spot.  Morgan actually had more total points than Bill Bryan for the second time in the last three years.  Unfortunately for Morgan, only 6 of the 8 contests count and as was the case in 2009, he needed another big score to move up in the rankings.  Morgan will be hunting for the title again next year no doubt!

Jake Stinnett held onto sixth place on the tour after another 2nd place result at a west coast contest.  Jake has been trying for years to break into the top 10 and came up big at both the Vic and Oktoberfest this year to make it happen.

Teddy Vlasis Brandon Sears, Austin Keen and Jason Wilson rounded out the top 10 skimming solid all year and edging out some stiff competition.

For the first time ever, this years United Skim Tour had more than 100 total competitors.  More riders are consistently attending more events and training hard in the off season to perform better.  The level of skimboarding on the 2011 tour was far more advanced than it was only a few short years ago.  We can only imagine what these talented young men have in store for us next year…

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 UST Top 10:

  1. Sam Stinnett
  2. Brad Domke
  3. Blair Conklin
  4. Bill Bryan
  5. Morgan Just
  6. Jake Stinnett
  7. Teddy Vlasis
  8. Brandon Sears
  9. Austin Keen
  10. Jason Wilson