2011 Vilano, FL contest results

Brad Domke won his second event of the year last weekend and launched into first place on the tour in the process.  Sam Stinnett is a mere 30 points behind after the point drop (two lowest) and with three events left, it is anyone’s game.  That includes Bill Bryan who with after missing OBX is still solidly in third place on the tour.  First year rookie Blair Conklin racked up some more points in Vilano and solidified his fourth place tour position while Austin Keen picked up second and leapfrogged up to 5th place on the tour.  John Akerman picked up 3rd place at the event and landed squarely in the top 10 UST while Dave Scott, Eric Rosenberry and Rob Morris all performed solidly at the event but have yet to crack the top 10 on the tour.

Vilano Top Eight

  1. Brad Domke
  2. Austin Keen
  3. John Akerman
  4. Dave Scott
  5. Bill Bryan
  6. Blair Conklin
  7. Rob Morris
  8. Eric Rosenberry