2011 Southside, DE, results

The Southside DE UST event went down last weekend in very small wave conditions.  Brad Domke made the most of it, winning the event and catapulting from 15th to 4th on the UST.

Consistency always pays however, and Bill Bryan knows how to do the math.  After finishing 3rd in Cabo he placed 2nd in Delaware and landed at 1st on the UST standings.

Morgan Just and Sam Stinnett are in a virtual dead heat for the 2nd and 3rd place spots while Blair Conklin and Austin Keen throw their hats in the ring with appearances in the Delaware final.

Southside Results (Top Six)

  1. Brad Domke
  2. Bill Bryan
  3. Austin Keen
  4. Blair Conklin
  5. Tim Fulton
  6. Teddy Vlasis